Sunday, March 24, 2013

i-D Spring 2013: Lara Stone

As part of their Spring 2013 The Q + A Issue, i-D magazine has chosen some amazing models to get some much loved exposure. While Amra Cerkezovic, Joan Smalls, Karlie Kloss, and Reuben Ramacher have all landed covers for this issue, it's Lara Stone's cover that stuck out to me the most; and once I got a peak at what was going on inside the editorial, I found myself admitting to obsession. Shot by Tyrone Lebon, Lara's photoshoot was definitely not your average photoshoot considering that placing Lara's head on a platter of fruit was not off limits. Leave it to i-D magazine to deliver once again.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Iggy Azalea - Work

Let it be known that Iggy Azalea, one of the many new female rappers to hit the scene, is now not just "another" new hopeful female rapper. After putting out her Ignorant Art mixtape in the fall of 2011 and releasing several other projects including collaborations with clothing labels and a very memorable tribute to Toddlers & Tiaras in her music video 'Murda Bizness' featuring T.I., Iggy may have finally engrained a spot in everyones mind that she's not playing around thanks to her latest effort, 'Work'. The music video is not only a grade A visual pleaser, it should also be mentioned that the lyrics, which tell of Iggy's journey from her home in Australia to taking a risk and moving to Miami at 16 with no money or family to pursue her dreams in the music industry (a true example of a teen dream), are something to be heard. Let it be mentioned how perfect the tribute to Quentin Tarantino's Death Proof lap dance scene was executed with a little Miami twist. Keep an eye out for Iggy's debut album The New Classic set to release sometime this summer and enjoy one of the coolest/sexiest music videos of the year. Shout out to the amazing styling by the way!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Knife - A Tooth For An Eye

Releasing their new album Shaking The Habitual April 9th, The Knife has released yet another music video that is setting new boundaries for both the music and art world. While The Knife delivers music that quite frankly doesn't appeal to everyone because of it's obvious originality and unique sound (though I'm a fan to say the least), one thing is for certain and it's that their videos always get the attention they deserve. The Knife explains the concept behind the video:
“A Tooth For An Eye” deconstructs images of maleness, power and leadership. Who are the people we trust as our leaders and why? What do we have to learn from those we consider inferior? In a sport setting where one would traditionally consider a group of men as powerful and in charge, an unexpected leader emerges. A child enters and allows the men to let go of their hierarchies, machismo and fear of intimacy, as they follow her into a dance. Their lack of expertise and vulnerability shines through as they perform the choreography. Amateurs and skilled dancers alike express joy and a sense of freedom; There is no prestige in their performance. The child is powerful, tough and sweet all at once, roaring “I’m telling you stories, trust me”. There is no shame in her girliness, rather she possesses knowledge that the men lost a long time ago. 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

M.I.A.'s MATANGI Mixtape for Kenzo

Being one of M.I.A.'s number one fans, this post in so many ways is most likely a biased one, but who cares, the world (or at least the readers of Teen Dreamin') should know of M.I.A.'s latest and greatest efforts. Paris Fashion Week is finally coming to a satisfyingly impressive close and while designers have displayed some rather amazing shows, today Kenzo has caught my attention apart from the rest for many reasons. Waking up this morning I scrolled through my Twitter catching up on everything from the latest in crazy Amanda Bynes tweets to my West Coast friends reminding me of the perfect Southern California weather I was apparently missing out on; but one post caught my attention over the rest, a tweet from M.I.A. with a link captioned "MIA + KENZO". What I had come across was a link to listen to the mixtape made by M.I.A. for the Kenzo Fall/Winter 2013 show. Showcasing some absolutely flawless mixes and a killer verse by M.I.A. herself, the MATANGI mixtape, what we can all assume is a preview to M.I.A.'s upcoming album MATANGI due to release this April. While M.I.A.'s mixtape is for sure my main topic of this post, the Kenzo Fall/Winter 2013 collection should not go missed by any means. Check out for a full look at the stellar collection that has me already contemplating what to spend my upcoming paychecks on.

(link for MATANGI mixtape won't embed, click here for link to mixtape and enjoy!)