Saturday, April 20, 2013

Stranger than Paradise | Tilda Swinton shot by Tim Walker for W Magazine May 2013

When the first grainy image of Tilda Swinton on the cover of the May 2013 issue of W leaked via twitter, I was sitting in class early in the morning in a state of exhaustion that was abruptly ended when the image finally loaded on my cellphone screen. Soon enough one by one, images from the editorial began leaking in full and I found myself in an overwhelming and overly dramatic situation. You see, my love for everything Tilda is not at all new; from the very beginning of my teenage life I found myself entranced by the one-of-a-kind creature that is Tilda Swinton (obsessed is an understatement, let's be honest). But regardless of my probable biased agenda, I think it's quite clear that Tilda's editorial spread, brought to us by the genius mind of photographer Tim Walker, is a perfect representation of when art and fashion fuse perfectly. Shot at the famed Las Pozas estate in a Mexican jungle near the town of Xilitla, the combination of Tim Walker's always-dramatic editorials, Tilda's willingness fill the roll of that crazy aunt we wish we always had, and the architecturally modern estate scenery, 'Stranger than Paradise" is for sure meeting the looks to try... forever.

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