Thursday, February 7, 2013

Babe Watch: Twin Peaks' Donna and Audrey

There are so many babes in this world it's so hard to keep track. Now a babe by definition would easily be described as a sweetheart or endearing person, and while these are valid, my personal example of a babe is much more extensive. I like to think of a babe as more of that person who excels not only in the looks department but also stands out as someone completely original and one-of-a-kind with a style that can either help define a generation or create a whole category for themselves. A babe is that person you swoon over when passing them in the halls of your school, the actor/actress on a tv show that you silence the room just to hear their voice and watch every move they make (sounding slightly creepy at this point), and the person who ultimately inspires you in some way, whether it's their style, their personality, or both.

For my first and definitely not last edition of Babe Watch, I've decided to target my latest obsessions who can be found on the 1990s short-lived cult classic Twin Peaks. The show revolves around a seemingly isolated town in the middle of the woods dealing with investigating the death of Laura Palmer, everyone's favorite homecoming queen. Donna Hayward (Lara Flynn Boyle) and Audrey Horne (Sherilyn Fenn) aren't your average high school teenagers, their my picks for Babe Watch because they inspire me personally in regards to style and in the sense of drama. From the beginning of the series they immediately stem off from the rest of the characters as one of the many reasons to watch the show. Donna is Laura's sweet and emotional best friend who seeks to find Laura's killer but in the process finds herself in a whirlwind of trouble and possibly a conscious-forbidding romance. Audrey on the other hand is everyone's girl gone bad with a knack for getting herself into trouble and a reputation for being the bitch. So yes you basically have your sweetheart and your bitch and sometimes their roles get a little twisted but find out for yourself, watch the show and you'll see what I mean. At the end of just a few episodes you'll have yourself grabbing some old buried away 90's classics and taking to the streets with some much desirable confidence, that of Audrey, and soon after the over-endearing persona and dramatic behavior of Donna.

A collection of grade A babe shots of Donna and Audrey after the jump.


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