Sunday, February 17, 2013

Lana Del Rey - Burning Desire

"I'm driving fast, flash, everyone knows it. I'm trying to get to you baby and everyone knows it," Lana sings in a delicate whisper. Is she taking about a mysterious lover? Either way, Lana Del Rey, everyones favorite girl next door gone bad has yet again delived a sexy new approach at advertising. After a long anticipated wait, the collaboration between Lana Del Rey and the campaign for the Jaguar F-Type sports car has finally released an ad campaign that's got all my attention, and naturally the video could easily pass for one of Lana's music video in itself. Featuring Lana singing one of her tracks "Burning Desire" in the famed South East London Rivoli Ballroom; the video is definitely toned down compared to some of her more inventive videos, but alas I'm finding myself just as intrigued. Considering Lana looks just as flawless as ever and adding the hauntingly sexy track along makes the video a definite pleaser. Following the release of the video, Lana said in a recent interview that she has been working on creating some songs made "specifically for a big movie set in the 20's coming out this summer" AKA The Great Gatsby we can all assume, so naturally I've found myself ecstatic at the news. In the end it's apparent this video has taken some effect on me (and assuming thousands of others), considering I now have a burning desire to get myself into this sports car, and of course the addition of Lana herself wouldn't hurt.

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