Monday, February 4, 2013

MS MR - Fantasy

It's become quite obvious at this point that MS MR, a seemingly new band that's skyrocketed to the top of alternative pop fame, is one act not to be missed in 2013. Last year MS MR released their debut EP entitled Candy Bar Creep Show (the name itself should be enough to grasp your attention), and after opening for artists like Marina & the Diamonds and landing a spot to perform at the New York's Governor's Ball this year, it's undoubtedly the year for MS MR to shine. As you probably noticed above, the Teen Dreamin' main image is a screenshot from the music video because quite frankly this video really did seem to take some of my own personal fantasies and make them into reality. Cheerleaders vomiting up glitter?! It doesn't get any better then taking the symbol of high school evil royalty and making them vomit up the exact material I'd have hoped for. As you might have also noticed is this post is my own debut post for Teen Dreamin'; and while I contemplated for so long that I should write up some long explanation for why I was making Teen Dremain', I think instead this video perfectly embodies what I hope to cover, what I hope to share, what I hope to explore, and overall what I stand behind (cheerleaders vomiting glitter, old people, and perfect lighting that is).

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