Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Chloë Sevigny for Opening Ceremony Fall 2013

Presenting her fifth Opening Ceremony collaboration collection, Chloë Sevigny has once again delivered a collection that is getting all the attention for all the right reasons. Taking some inspiration from her teenage youth Chloë admits, her latest collection features everything from looks based off the feminist movement of the 60's and even some teenage angst of the 90's and leaving just enough room to fill the rest will some personal touches that only Chloë could understand, such as the Egyptian ankh and eye, cherries, and double-crossed hearts. Baby doll dresses, miniskirts, A-line coats and skirts worn with platforms and modern ankle boots were all present making the collection most definitely a throwback, but what mostly stood out was the actual presentation of the collection itself. Fitting accordingly to Chloë's unique esthetic, the collection wasn't going to be like all the other runway shows this season, but instead like the true rebellious teen at heart that Chloë is, she invited some friends of hers along from a band to play some music all while the models (one of which was Chloë herself and the bandmates included) stood out in front on stage looking as though they were more then ready to start protesting right that second. Carrying giant signs painted with slogans such as "Thinner", "The Agony of Power", "Nancy Boy", and "Time to Have Sex", this visual presentation was one of a kind that wasn't hard to miss. Check out the images from the presentation after the jump.

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